Horus X Gaming 2.0 glasses the GeekzClub review!

Hi Geekz! I hope you’re doing well on this very hot June day (remember to hydrate yourself with an ice-cold eNgage!) I discovered on Instagram (you can follow me there by the way) not too long ago a brand of gaming glasses that was unknown to me until then: Horus-X.

Well, I love Egyptian mythology, so I was already hooked! But in addition the Community Manager is super nice so they sent me a pair to write this test for me. And so, as a certain Doctor (Doctor who?) would say, Allons-y Alonso!

First contact with the Horus X Gaming 2.0 glasses

I have to admit that I was a bit dubious because the glasses are equipped with amber lenses, and as I had never tried them before, I was expecting to be disappointed by the color rendering when using them… But I have to confess you a little thing: it is not!

As with the “classic” yellow filter, the eye adapts and the color differences fade away so well that you don’t even see them anymore. Yes, you read that right!

lunettes anti lumière bleue horus-x gaming 2.0
anti blue light glasses horus-x gaming 2.0 in their box

Delivered in a cardboard box with the colors of the brand, the glasses rest in a pocket that can be used to store them after use, to avoid the appearance of ghost’s fingerprints …

lunettes gaming horus-x gaming 2.0

Out of the box, the glasses reveal themselves to us with a shape that is interesting because it encompasses the eye of the gamer eager to test (me in this case).

lunettes gaming horus-x gaming 2.0 enfin déballées !
The gaming glasses are free!

The Horus-X Gaming 2.0 breathe fresh air and the finishing touches are of the highest quality. By the way, you can see the reflection of yours truly (me, once again)

Let the test begin!

SuSuP x horus-x gaming 2.0
SuSuP x horus-x gaming 2.0 let’s go!

I then tested the anti blue light gamer glasses from Horus-X during several weeks, to bring you this test, and especially its conclusion! I came back from the depths of bloody upper rifts, I crawled on Corrupted Keep from one side to the other, to visit Tython, and then I went to explore Verdansk looking great with this pair of glasses, and I can tell you that everything was not restful (especially for the enemies). Besides, did you know that you can find me in stream almost every day ? Yes, yes, you just have to go here:  https://twitch.tv/AncelinSandy 

Conclusion please!

Ah, we have to conclude? Well, if it’s like that… Let’s conclude!

The glasses are very pleasant to wear, and I didn’t notice any discomfort during long game/streaming sessions, or even pain due to the use of a headset that would tighten the arms a little too much against the skull. The glasses are placed gently on the nose, I have not experienced any traces at this level, and the glasses have absolutely no reflections inside, except in case of background lighting, but this is not the fault of the glasses.

Price wise, the gaming glasses 2.0 are sold 34.90€! They have nothing to envy to the competition, and especially Horus-X is a challenger in the field of anti blue light gamer glasses. My conclusion? GG WP I am bluffed, really! Here is my note!

Ma Note

he good news is that Horus-X offers you a 15% discount with my code SANDY15 to be entered in the cart, which makes the price even lower! That makes the pair for less than 30€! What, you’re still here? Oh yes, to order your pair of gaming glasses it’s directly on the Horus-X website by clicking here 🙂

That’s it for me, I’m going back to the Warzone with my pair of Gaming 2.0 on my nose!

Tell me in comments if you think you’ll try these glasses, I’m very interested to know 😉

See you soon Geekz!




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